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Aditya Packers and Movers provide a wide range of moving, packing and relocating services, which include:

  • Residential Moving: Moving is a complex situation, which requires an experienced team. Aditya Packers and Movers is the efficient option. We specialize in relocating and moving the household commodities. The experts disassemble the heavy commodities for moving, and then reassemble them cautiously. Different packaging materials are used by Aditya Packers and Movers for the packaging of various commodities. Furniture is wrapped with the moving pads, for safe delivery. Aditya Packers and Movers stay with you from the beginning to the end.
  • Commercial Moving: Aditya Packers and Movers provide efficient and organized services for commercial moving and relocating the business. Time is money for any company. Moving a company or corporation can result in the loss of money. We, at Aditya Packers and Movers are time efficient and help to relocate swiftly, which will keep the business on schedule. We cater to all the needs of our clients, and make the process of relocation seamless and smooth. Our professionals provide quality services to a wide range of commercial moving, from small business to large corporations at genuine price.
  • Storage Services: During the relocation or renovation, storage of household items can prove a burden on the owner. We, Aditya Packers and Movers are providing storage houses for such purposes. The clients can store their commodities for the desired period of time. We do every possible thing to ease our clients during the time of relocation.
  • Packing Services: Efficient packing techniques are used by Aditya Packers and Movers. The belongings stay safe while moving, when packed effectively. As different clients have varied packing needs, we provide full pack, partial pack and fragile only pack services. We ensure the best packaging using extra padding and wrapping with proper labeling, which results in the stress free delivery by Aditya Packers and Movers.
  • Hassle free car care services: Aditya Packers and Movers provide convenient transportation of the cars. We use trucks to deliver the car. Door to door service of the car is also provided.
  • Insurance facility: Apart from relocating and moving facility, we insure the commodities during the time of its transportation. This is for the benefit of our clients as unexpected events can happen anytime. We deal with all the formalities and documents of insurance on the behalf of our clients.
  • Availability of different sized trucks, 24 hours: We have different sized trucks for all sized items and we are available for our clients 24×7.
  • International packing services: Our team of packers uses innovative techniques which are used internationally for packing different goods. Packing provides support and commodity reaches safely to its place.
  • International transportation services: Aditya Packers and Movers are providing relocation and moving facilities internationally. We move according to the clients need at affordable price.
  • Transportation by different meansAditya Packers and Movers are providing different transportation for moving and relocation of the commodities. We use car transportation, surface transportation, ship transportation and air transportation. This helps us to do the work effectively on time.